It takes time, but it is hands down, the best pie I've ever eaten.

Black Bottom Rum Pie
Clint's Family Recipie

Prep time is about an Hour.

3/4 Cup Sugar (or Splenda)
2T Cornstartch
1 Envelope Knox Unflavored Gelatin
2 1/2 Cups Milk (Skim)
3 Large Eggs
2 1oz Squares Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate
2T Imitation Rum, (1 whole 1oz bottle)
1T Vanilla
1 Pint Whipping Cream
1 Regular Chocolate Bar (for Grating on Top)

Make your own Crust, or I use a store bought Chocolate Graham. Lightly brush it with melted butter to hold together better.

Equipment list:
Electric hand mixer
Pyrex measuring cup
Double boiler- 2 pots
Small fry pan
Hand grater
Wire whisk
Rubber scraper
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Large glass bowl
2 Small glass bowls
Butter brush
1 roll paper towels

While water is boiling on bottom,
MIX- Sugar, Cornstarch and Gelatin in a small bowl FIRST. Then pour into top of double boiler. Gradually stir in cold milk. Heat, stirring constantly, until mixture is steaming.

Meanwhile, seperate eggs, saving the whites for beating later. Lightly beat the yolks. Spoon (into the yolks) some of the steaming mixture. This is so you don't cook the eggs. When the yolk mixture is heated up, then you can pour it all into the top pot. Cook this mixture 3-5 minuites untill smooth, then pour out 1 1/2 cups into a Pyrex measuring cup. Remove the rest from heat.

MELT- Semi-sweet Chocolate over the boiling water, then stir it into the 1 1/2 cups of mixture.Add Vanilla.
Now pour into the crust. This needs to cool for about 1/2 hour in fridge.
When the remaining mixture cools, add in the rum.

BEAT- egg whites, adding sugar gradually until soft peaks form. FOLD into rum mixture. AFTER chocolate layer cools, pour on top, then chill until firm.

WHIP- Cream by adding sugar gradually untill soft peaks form. Add to top of cooled pie.

GRATE- Real Chocolate Bar in top. Pretty.

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